8 Types Of People Found At Fashion Week (As Illustrated By Animals)

Sat there on the FROW (front row, daaahling) with the same nonchalant expression. Sometimes they wear sunglasses indoors. Because sunglasses.

Beyoncé and Jay Z, Kim and Kanye, Victoria and Davey B - the celebrity couple is, well, a pretty big deal. And don't they know it. #YehBitches

The mini-celebrities of the world. Usually found looking bored shitless. But boy do they remain stylish in the process.

Their faces, clothes and twirls are ALWAYS on point. Yaaaaaas.

They're earning more than all of us put together and can often be seen sporting colourful hair. They also travel in packs and have muchas devices.

Calm and collected. The cool cucumbers of the fashion crowd.

Two words: secret squirrels. One moment they're in your face snapping the money shot, the next they're gone - never to be seen again.

Serving your coffees. Scanning your tickets. Making your tiny Instagrammable burgers. Let's face it, they really don't want to be there.

Graduate Fashion Week 2015 - London

Graduate Fashion Week 2015