05/09/2015 20:05 BST | Updated 18/04/2016 08:03 BST

'Coronation Street' Spoiler: Gail Platt Shows Callum Logan Who's Boss, But Max Could Be In Danger (PICS)

Gail Platt proves once and for all she’s not to be messed with in ‘Coronation Street’ next week.


After coming home to discover that Callum Logan (Sean Ward) has reared his ugly head once again - well, not so much ugly, very pretty in fact, but nonetheless unwelcome - Helen Worth's character is livid.

Seeing red, she wastes no time in ushering Callum out of her family home, and away from her daughter-in-law, Kylie Platt (Paula Lane).

Gail shows Callum who's boss

Upon spotting the ruckus in the street (whatever would Norris say, eh?), David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) furiously rushes over to his wife’s ex, and gets into a scrap with him, causing his young step-son, Max, to angrily tell Callum that he “hates” him.

David gets involved in the ruckus

Trying to get away from Callum, who makes a grab for him, an emotional Max ends up running straight into the road - where Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) is unfortunately coming around the corner in his car.

But will Max escape the incident unscathed?

Oh no!

The Platts have barely had to time to pause for thought this year, thanks in no small part to the return of Gail’s prodigal daughter Sarah-Louise - not to mention her troublesome granddaughter Bethany, who has barely been out of drama since her arrival on the cobbles.

Watch all these dramatic scenes unfold in ‘Coronation Street’, airing on Wednesday, 16 September on ITV at 7.30pm.

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