#DadTexts: Ten Types Of Messages All Dads Send When Texting Their Kids

Dads - next time you're sending a text to your child, you might want to see if you fall into one of these dad-texting categories.

The #DadTexts hashtag on Instagram has thrown up a few hilarious conversations between fathers and their children, consisting of tech fails, comical advice and excitable emojis.

Just remember next time before you press send, your child does have the ability to screenshot and share with the world.

1. The Disappointed Dad

Less drinking, more reading please.

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2. The Guru Dad

Of course they wait for a text conversation to indulge in a bit of life guidance.

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3. The Needy Dad

You know, when they call upon their children to teach them a thing or two about life.

4. The Emoji Dad

Finds out how to use them, thinks they're the greatest invention ever.

5. The 'Cool' Dad

I mean, he's trying. He really is.

6. The Tech Novice Dad

It takes time to learn spaces on an iPhone, right?

7. The Random Dad

Oh. Cool.

8. The Sarcastic Dad

Slightly annoying, trying to be funny.

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9. The Concise Dad

Because why say anything more when you can just say 'k'?

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10. The Caring Dad

Aw - he's even learned he doesn't need to sign off a text with his name.

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