People Are Ditching Huge Floral Crowns For Tiny Beansprout Hair Slides And They're Actually Quite Cute

People Are Wearing Beansprout Hair Slides. Yes, Really.

Festival season is nearly over and soon, it will be time to pack away your floral crowns until next summer.

But if you're not quite ready for the garden-on-your-head accessories to end, there's a new trend that might interest you.

According to the #豆芽 hashtag on Instagram, Beijing fashionistas and popping beansprout hair slides on top of their heads.

It's actually not as crazy as it sounds. We almost think that it looks quite cute. Here's a selection of Instagram photos for you to decide for yourselves...

#破图#豆芽 居然现在才流行这个😂

A photo posted by @sinatsumbitch on

#豆芽 😘😘

A photo posted by 秦畅远 (@jin_changwon1998) on

#豆芽 为什么👿

A photo posted by yangfan (@ntnf_aries) on

Kawaii. #beansprouthairpin 😍

A photo posted by Joyce Corpuz Navalta (@jhoiycie) on

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