'EastEnders': 'Kathy's Back' Trailer Sees Gillian Taylforth Learning To Speak Backwards, And It's All Sorts Of Creepy

How ‘EastEnders' Filmed Their #KathysBack Trailer Is All Sorts Of Creepy

EastEnders’ is gearing up for Gillian Taylforth's permanent return to Albert Square as Kathy Beale, and last week the BBC debuted a dark new trailer for her comeback.


Fans have now been given a behind-the-scenes look at how Gillian managed to film the promo, which shows Kathy talking to the camera while walking through Walford in reverse, and it is all sorts of creepy.

In a video posted on the soap’s official Twitter page, it was revealed that Gillian had to learn to say her script backwards.

So while you may hear, “Ten years ago, I faked my own death for a man. They’re going to hate me, but home is where my heart is,” what Gillian had to actually say was: “Si traeh ym erehw si emoh tub, em etah ot gniog re’yeht. Nam a rof htaed nwo ym dekaf I, oga sraey net.”

You try saying that when you’ve had a few.

While Kathy has already made a few fleeting appearances in Walford, appealing to ex-husband Phil Mitchell for help, she’ll make a full-time comeback when another resident discovers she’s alive and well.

Sharon Mitchell will come face-to-face with her arch-enemy next Monday, when she finds Kathy hiding out in the Arches.

And as regular spoiler readers will no doubt know, it isn’t long before Ian and Ben find out the truth about their mum faking her death, in a car accident back in 2006...

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