'Gogglebox': 16 Things That Happen On Every Episode Of The Hit Channel 4 Show

16 Things That Happen On Every Episode Of 'Gogglebox'

'Gogglebox', the TV show that features people watching TV, returns to our screens this week, as the nation's favourite couch potatoes sound off about the week's telly.

Now in its sixth series, the show has become a monster hit for Channel 4, no part in thanks to its cast of opinionated and loveable characters, who we've all taken to our hearts. So much so in fact, that we can pretty much predict what they'll get up to in each episode...

1. Sandy and Sandra will be destroying yet another takeaway.

2. As Sandra continues to grow her already-impressive ring collection.

3. Steph and Dom will make a joke about their sex lives which will make us feel a bit uncomfortable.

4. While also proceeding to drink their very well-stocked bar completely dry.

5. Scarlett Moffatt will be a shade of orange darker than she was the episode before.

6. Kate and Graham’s dog will always be showing a little bit TOO much to the cameras.

7. The boobs on the wall behind Bill and Joseph will distract us from anything they have to say.

8. Carolyne Michael will say something to deeply embarrass her children.

9. Julie Malone will lay on another spectacular spread of treats for her family on the pouf.

10. While we'll continue to be amazed at the sheer number of dogs they can fit in their tiny living room.

11. Chris will get totally owned by Stephen's pithy putdowns.

12. Amy Tapper's reactions will be so unbelievably loud.

13. But somehow dad Jonathan Tapper will always doze off.

14. Silent Jay will be, well, silent.

15. Leon will ask June to show him her “knicks”.

16. But will then manage to remind us what true love is.

'Gogglebox' returns on Friday 19 February at 9pm on Channel 4.

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