Guy's Roommate Comes Back Drunk And Doesn't Remember 'Designing An Entire F***ing Aeroplane'

Guy's Roommate Comes Back Drunk, Next Morning Doesn't Remember 'Designing An Entire F***ing Aeroplane'

We've all done it. Come home drunk after a night out, sat down, designed a whole aeroplane complete with intricate sketches, and then totally forgotten about it the next morning.

Well, that's what Keith from Michigan Tech University's roommate did, anyway.

After his tweet (naturally) went viral, it emerged Keith Fraley's roommate drunkenly-talented is Mark, and the technical name for his design is an ekranoplan, which is "a very high speed aircraft that floats above the water".

According to Mark, the design might actually work too - although it has been criticised by one eagle-eyed expert.

Nevertheless, Mark is in big demand thanks to his drunken antics.

We want what he's drinking.


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