How To Stimulate The G-Spot (It's All About The 'Come Here' Motion)

This Is The Best Way To Stimulate The G-Spot

We've all heard of the G-spot, but there's still some scientific uncertainty around the topic: some studies claim it doesn't exist, while others says it definitely does.

According to this video from BuzzFeed, a gynaecologist called Dr Gräfenberg spoke about a very responsive zone in the walls of the vagina back in the 1950s. It was later named the Gräfenberg spot, aka the G-spot.

Scientists are unable to determine the exact location of the G-spot within the vagina, but they believe that the location may be different for different people.

To stimulate the G-spot, it's been suggested to insert a finger (or two) upwards into the vagina and curve the finger in a "come here" motion.

It is also thought that doggy style is the best position for stimulation.

Watch the video for more G-spot facts.

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