You Know It's Fashion Week When...

You Know It's Fashion Week When...

With New York and London Fashion Week kicking off, there's only so much time left to relish in your normal city life before the towns get taken over.

Even if there wasn't constant press surrounding the events, we're pretty sure you'd be able to tell the madness was about to descend by these few little giveaways...

When you see people walking around London like this...

Because everyone (and we mean everyone) pushes the style rules above and beyond in the hope of being 'street style' snapped.

Nowhere seems to be serving any real food.

And every restaurant in the surrounding area becomes filled with bloggers. Avoid at all costs.

That's because free WIFI becomes like gold dust.

Public transport becomes even busier. *Sigh*

Not as busy as during this tube strike though

Every PR email, from the start of September, is centred around fashion week - yes, we got an invite to a Greggs-themed fashion show.

Greggs. A British institution.

Fashion magazines start tweeting weird alien words like 'Frow'.

The entire population appears to be wearing sunglasses - even when it's pissing it down.

Alexa Chung is everywhere.

Alexa Chung wearing a t-shirt with her own face on

But Cara Delevingne is actually inescapable.


We're not kidding.


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