Katie Hopkins On Pain Relief During Labour: 'If You Take The Pain, You Are More Of A Woman'

Katie Hopkins Has Angered Women With Her Views On Labour

Katie Hopkins' latest controversial comment has angered many parents: mums who don't have pain relief during labour are more of a woman.

According to the 40-year-old, who has three children India, Poppy and Maximillan, women should just "push it out, not wimp out" just like she did.

Speaking on her TLC show, If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World, she said: "What I see is a lot of women, you know, second or third contraction, screaming for the epidural.

"You've got to say, 'no, it's gonna hurt, you've got to man up, grip it, and take the pain', and if you take the pain and give birth vaginally then you are more of a woman."

Hopkins reinforced her point, adding: "I do really believe if you give birth naturally then you are a stronger, more powerful woman."

On the show, mother-of-two Ava Vidal, disagreed.

She said: "The painful thing is the parenthood, so why should I go through all that squeezing them out when it's painful enough? The stress that you go through, why do you want to make it any harder."

As expected, parents were not happy with Hopkins' comments, taking to Twitter to air their views.