14/09/2015 12:10 BST | Updated 14/09/2015 12:59 BST

Model Billy Huxley On What He Wears At A Festival (Including Beard Grooming Advice)

Festivals are always mucky affairs - what clothes do you tend to pack with you? Style over substance or the other way around?

Style over substance definitely. I tend to wear dark skinny jeans with either a light-weight jacket or jumper because you're out all day and into the night, when it might get chilly. And a waterproof for sure.

You were wearing some pretty snazzy sunglasses - are you an accessories man?

Definitely. Shades and hats are essential. The first pair of sunglasses broke on day one, but luckily Diesel had left some spares in my tipi. I wore a hat every day at Bestival - beanies and caps.

When it comes to shoes, what kind of trainers do you tend to go for?

I'm a Converse man. I took a few pairs - black & white - they work well with jeans or shorts. The weather was good so I took a gamble and left the wellies at home. Too heavy, and Converse will always dry out!

What's the one thing you've learned about packing for festivals - what can't you do without?

Pack light, especially if you are going by speedboat like we did. There's always a lot of walking and you'll never wear everything you bring anyway. Just stick to the essentials, you can't really go wrong! And don't forget your toothbrush...

Is the beard a daily grooming thing and how do you do it when it's Portaloo Central at festivals?

I suppose the beard look is all part of festivals so I don't worry too much about it really - you don't want to look too groomed either! I do carry a beard comb though, just in case.

Billy Huxley attended Bestival as a guest of Diesel Only the Brave as part of their #livebravely campaign. Diesel Only The Brave starts at £38 and is available from


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