15/09/2015 11:46 BST | Updated 15/09/2015 12:59 BST

'How Ridiculous' Duo Pull Off Ridiculously Improbable Basketball Trick Shots At The Orbit In London's Olympic Park

A fortnight or so ago, I was contacted by this pair of young Australian gentlemen, explaining that they were in London. Their back-catalogue is full of ridiculously improbable basketball shots, and they had decided to see if they could pull off something special from The Orbit in London's Olympic Park. And their collective name is 'How Ridiculous'.


I said I would only post an article on them if they pulled off the feat they were promising. As you can see from the video above, they fulfilled their part of the deal, so here's the article. I'm still stunned. Either they share an extraordinary eye and could be making a fortune in the NBA, or... there's an awful lot of thrown-away film footage we don't get to see.

Derek and Scott size up the task ahead from the top of the Orbit in London's Olympic Park

Who came up with the original idea for ridiculous shots?

Scott: That is a ripper of a question that is!

Derek: We just bang heads together and just come up with new ideas.

Scott: It is definitely a team effort!

How did How Ridiculous come about?

Scott: It was 2009, we were procrastinating from doing exam revision in Year 12 – we had to get outside and do something in the back yard – so we thought why not throw a basketball and get the camera rolling!

Why have you decided now to focus your energies on the Olympic Village in London?

Derek: Epic location, pretty high and just this unique opportunity to travel the world and film a new trick shot.

Scott: It is an absolutely awesome location and we have never done anything here in the UK, so it was a hell of a start.

What is your success rate with stunt shots?

Scott: It depends, Derek got slip-and-slide first go, but we have stunts that are ongoing, but we usually find our flow.

What's the Stratford Orbit stunt shot for?

It is a partnership with Lucozade Energy for the Find Your Flow campaign and is excitingly our first shot on UK soil. It involves a front and backwards basketball shot from the platform high up on the UK's tallest sculpture. I think it was around 80m – make sure you watch the video.

Previously, the team made up of four - Scott, Kyle, Brett and Derek - have performed tricks around various buildings across Australia. They currently hold the world record for the highest-ever basketball shot, over the Gordon Dam in Tasmania.

And there's meaningful method in the mayhem, too, with the group dedicated to raise awareness of children in poverty through their capers, through the not-for-profit organisation Compassion.

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