16/09/2015 17:41 BST | Updated 16/09/2015 17:59 BST

'Great British Bake Off' Episode 7 Review: Ian Narrowly Escapes The Boot With This Crowning Achievement

Ian almost had to taste some humble pie in this week's episode of 'The Great British Bake Off', but narrowly escaped eviction with a crowning show-stopper.

The photographer was asking for trouble from the outset with his overripe confidence ahead of Victorian week. "This is the week I've been waiting for," he announced assertively, before explaining he would be offering 'Roadkill Pie' to judges Mary and Paul.

Ian's regal showstopper - so impressive even Jeremy Corbyn would bow before it

And he nearly came unstuck with this week's tasks of both game pie and tennis cake - yes, that really is a thing. It's a cake with a tennis court on it, including a perfect icing net, so not difficult at all.

After missing the top three in the first two rounds, however, Ian pulled it out of the hat with his showstopper, a Charlotte Rousse desert, with forensically-measured sponge fingers, a bavarois filling, jelly desert, oh, and he popped a 3D crown on the top of it all, just when Baker Paul thought he had it wrapped up with some swans made out of apple. Bravo!

Poor Mat's tennis cake wasn't quite fit for match play

Tamal was this week's star baker, while poor Mat was left wondering if perhaps he shouldn't have put his tennis-net icing in the oven. And that was before his sponge fingers gave way, leaving a runny Charlotte, and Mat finally heading cheerfully back from tent to the fire-station.

Who do YOU think is destined to be this year's Great British Baker? Check out the original lineup below...

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