Seagull Photo-Bombs Red Arrows Flypast At Clacton Air Show, Making For A Beautiful Picture

Seagull Wins Prize For Most Aspirational Photobomb Ever

An Essex photographer managed to snap the picture of a lifetime during an air show last month when his pictures were infiltrated by a cheeky seagull.

David Black, 34, from Colchester, was photographing the RAF's Red Arrows at the Clacton Air Show when a naughty bird jumped in the way, making it look like the planes were trailing behind its wings.

Black was enjoying a family day out with his wife Ruth, 33, and one-year-old daughter Ellana when he was lucky enough to snap the picture.

"It was my first ever air show actually and I only went to take the wife to go and see the Chinook helicopters," he said.

"They were one of the best things there but we left early while the Red Arrows were on and I was just taking pictures as I walked. I do remember thinking "bollocks, a seagull has got in the way of that picture" at the time.

"I first noticed the picture on the bus and me and Ruth giggled about it then I showed the parents but it blew up and went everywhere online."

Social media users have suggested he used Photoshop to digitally alter the pictures, but David is having none of it.

"I've had all sorts of reactions but a few people have said that it must have been photoshopped but I promise you that it is real. I have the sequence to prove it."

And the camera he was using to capture this incredible moment? It wasn't a fancy DSLR - it was an iPhone 5S.


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