Women Reveal What's Really Important When It Comes To Sex

There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding women when it comes to sex.

Some believe we have a lower libido, while others think we just don't orgasm as much as our male counterparts. It's pretty frustrating - namely because much of the time it's not true.

Now, one survey is hoping to set the record straight once and for all.

Women were asked to comment on their sexual experiences in terms of how often they orgasm, whether they have enough sex, and what is most important to them when it comes to love-making.

Interestingly, the study of 500 people found that - contrary to popular belief - most women orgasm, sometimes more than once, during each sexual encounter.

It also found that stress plays a huge role in dampening the mood.

The survey by fertility app Kindara found that more than half of women would like to have more sex.

Of those surveyed, 53.2% said they don't have sex as often as they would like to. Meanwhile nearly three quarters would like to engage in sexual activity more than three times per week.

It also discovered that plenty of women cherish emotional connection when it comes to sexy time, even above foreplay.

When women were asked to highlight the factors that deterred them from having sex, they revealed that stress was the biggest issue with 40% of women saying it put them off.

This was followed by feeling "out of sync" with their partner, not being in the mood and struggling with self image.

On a positive note, nearly 20% said there were no factors impacting their sex life.

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