KFC Fashion Collaboration With Katie Eary Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

KFC Fashion Collaboration Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

When the words 'KFC fashion collaboration' popped into our inbox, we must admit we were intrigued.

After all, we're not too snobby to admit the restorative effects of a Zinger Tower burger after a Saturday night out.

But then we clicked on the picture and saw this bad chicken boy. And we're not using the cool version of the word bad.

What is this you say? A peek at the costumes for a sequel to The Fifth Element? Sadly not.

It's a collaboration between designer Katie Eary and KFC to promote their riceboxes.

The fast food company set her a challenge: to create a capsule collection within an hour to highlight the importance of taking a lunch break (and presumably buying a ricebox while you're at it).

Frankly, we're baffled.

Katie is a respected designer (we'll forgive her collaboration with Kanye West's debut fashion line) who has partnered with the likes of River Island and worked with Mario Testino.

But perhaps designing a capsule collection in an hour is beyond even the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and can't be done.

(Assuming you want any humans to wear the clothes, that is.)

Here's a look at the full collection - including more weird chicken shoes:


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