Robson Green's First Acting Job Surfaces In Film Against Anti-Social Behaviour On Newcastle Metro

Everyone has cringeworthy old videos they'd rather keep to themselves, but the internet is making those so much harder to hide...

After the only copy was lost two decades ago, rare footage of Robson Green acting in a Tyne and Wear Metro video has emerged on Youtube. The clip was shown in schools and aimed to reduce social behaviour on the trains.

“It’s great news that this video has turned up after all these years,” said Huw Lewis, a spokesperson for Nexus, who run the Metro.

“We hired a young Robson Green in 1985 to shoot a video that we could show in local schools to promote good behaviour when travelling on the Tyne and Wear Metro.

“Little did we know back then that Robson would go on to become such a big star and a household name. We think it might be one of his first screen roles."

Robson Green as he is today

Green shot to fame in 1991 when he played Dave Tucker in ITV's 'Soldier Soldier'. He went on to play parts in 'Tales from Northumberland', 'Strike Back' and many more.