Mind-Blowing Video Shows The Solar System At True Scale With The Earth The Size Of A Marble

Every single model of the solar system that you've seen has been completely inaccurate, and this video proves it.

Filmmakers Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet have created a model of the solar system to scale in the Black Rock Dessert. With the Earth the size of a marble, the pair needed seven miles of empty land to create the staggering installation.

The incredible video shows how Gorosh and Overstreet used tiny glass spheres lit by LEDs to represent the planets, and GPS calculations to map out an accurate solar system.

With no light at night in the middle of the Nevada dessert, the team captured a mesmerising timelapse from a nearby mountain, showing the orbital paths of all the planets at a scale of roughly 1:847,638,000. The results are mind-blowing.

Overstreet said: "There are only 24 people who have seen the full circle of the moon with their own eyes -- of all of the billions and billions of people.

"We are on a marble floating in the middle of nothing, and when you come face to face with that, it's staggering."