Parent Finds Nine-Year-Old's 'Solid' Dog Walking Business Plan And It's Awesome

A parent was surprised to discover their nine-year-old daughter had formulated her very own business plan.

This seven-point handwritten plan, which results in "success", was found in the girl's backpack.

Reddit user dentiteoz uploaded the photo with the caption: "Found in my nine-year-old's backpack. Solid business model."

Here is a breakdown of the entrepreneurial kid's business plan:

1. Ask for parents' help.

2. Get them to say yes.

3. Find price for business.

4. Print papers with info.

5. Spread the word.

6. Walk dogs.

7. Success.

After the picture was posted on Reddit, one man reflected on his own 'business', which he had as a kid.

He wrote: "I had a business idea when I was 10. I asked my parents if they'd help out for me and my friend to start a lawnmower business and they were on board, but I lost them when I told them the actual business model was for us to be ghost hunters.

"Now there's a ton of ghost hunters on TV and no show about people mowing lawns. Thanks, dad."