Fearne Cotton Is Hailed A 'Legend Of A Mother' After Letting Son Rex Touch Her Eyeball In Latest Video

Fearne Cotton Hailed A 'Legend' After Letting Son Rex Do This

Fearne Cotton has been called a "legend of a mother" after she let her son Rex complete his mission of touching her eyeball.

The 34-year-old who has recently given birth to her second child Honey Krissy has still made time to hang out with her two-year-old, even with his strange requests.

Cotton shared an video on Instagram, showing her son holding her head down with one hand while his little fingers on the other are trying to prise open her eye to touch her eyeball.

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It definitely doesn't look like the most pleasant game.

When Cotton looks up to expose more of her eyeball, Rex pokes his finger in and giggles as he manages to touch his mum's eyeball.

And at the end of the game?

Cotton looks surprisingly cheery - that is until Rex's finger dives in for another go.

Since uploading the video on Instagram it has received 15,000 likes and fans have left comments praising Cotton's parenting skills.

"You are a legend!" wrote one person.

Another commented: "Total legend of a mother. But wee warning though, toddlers fingernails cause the worst corneal ulcers."

She was hailed a "great mum" and "down to earth",

One mother related to Cotton's video, adding: "So very gentle of him. My daughter has done this to me, they're just exploring".

After the eye touching was out the way, it looks like Rex moved on to wanting to make his mum some tea. Aww.

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