Blockbuster, Dial-Up And Friendster: 8 Ways Technology Has Changed Since 2002

Shaker Aamer is to be released this week, after arriving at Guantanamo Bay in 2002, the Government announced on Friday.

He spent more than 13 years incarcerated in the top-secret American jail, but vast changes in technology since his confinement go some way toward highlighting the challenge of reintroducing offenders back into society after long periods spent in isolation.

And other prisoners have spoken out about the plight of being reintroduced to technology - both new and old.

Michael Santos, an inmate for over 25 years until his release in 2013, wrote of his experience: "After solving the first hurdle of learning how to drive again, I’ve had to immerse myself in technology that did not exist before my prison term began. I’ve learned about the Internet, about social media, about how to send an email or use an iPhone."

While technology played a role in everyday life in 2002, it did so in much less accessible ways than today.

Here are eight ways things have changed...

Blockbuster Video Was A Thing

How Tech Has Changed Since 2002