28/09/2015 06:54 BST | Updated 28/09/2015 06:59 BST

Labour MP Suggests Expelling Peter Mandelson From Party

Jonathan Brady/PA Archive
Lord Peter Mandelson leaves a Service of Thanksgiving for the Life and Work of Lady Soames at Westminster Abbey, London.

A Labour MP has suggested expelling Lord Mandelson from the party for inciting "insurrection" against Jeremy Corbyn.

Last week, Mandelson told Labour MPs that it was too soon to try and oust Corbyn from the leadership. However he said in choosing Corbyn, the party had put "two fingers up" to voters and warned he was not electable.

Writing on his personal blog, Michael Meacher said Mandelson saw Labour as "simply an instrument for his own clique to gain power and retain power".

"He sees it as his own personal or factional fiefdom which somehow he has a God-given right to control as though that were the natural order of things," he said.

"What is really ironic is that the Blairites have only themselves to blame because they were so confident of their impregnable dominance that they ceased to listen to the party and indeed regarded the party as an inconvenience except for money-[raising and door-knocking. Now they are in a state of denial. But what they cannot do, and Mandelson cannot do, is bring the party into disrepute because they cannot get their own way."

Meacher, a veteran left wing MP who supported Corbyn in the leadership election, accused Mandelson of trying to "openly incite insurrection" to have Corbyn "overthrown".

He added: "The Labour party has a rule, introduced by Blair himself, that anyone who brings the party into disrepute can be expelled. Many would think that Mandelson, who no doubt was deeply involved in the machinations behind the new rule designed to get rid of inconvenient left-wing activists, has now put himself in a position to be hoist on his own petard."

On Monday, The Times reported there was a "plot" to target for deselection Labour MPs who refuse to serve under Corbyn by some in the Unite union.

In a statement, Unite denied the allegations. "As we have made consistently and regularly clear, Unite does not and will not support any moves to target MPs," the union said.

On Sunday evening, former leadership candidate Liz Kendall told a rally of centrist Labour MPs not to be pushed out. "It's our party and we're not going anywhere," she said.