Harnessing Electricity From Air Is Possible Claims Lord Drayson

Creating Electricity From Thin Air Is Now possible. No Joke

We could one day say goodbye to chargers. Tech entrepreneur Lord Drayson, has come up with a way for us to harness electricity from thin air. No this is not some cruel joke.

At an event held today at The Royal Institution, Drayson demonstrated how he was able to use radio frequencies from wireless and broadcast networks to power a loudspeaker.

The device behind this feat is known as Freevolt.

According to Drayson technologies, Freevolt has a multi-band antenna and rectifier -- used to convert AC current to DC.

While this groundbreaking new technology will not be able to charge our iPhones just yet, it will be able to power, what Drayson calls, the low-power Internet of Things including sensors and wearables.

"It doesn't require any extra infrastructure, it doesn't require us to transmit any extra energy, it's recycling the energy which isn't being used at the moment," he told the BBC.

The company has already designed a few products, including a pollution sensor, that will work seamlessly with Freevolt.

CleanSpace Tag can be powered by air and allows you to monitor the levels of carbon monoxide around you.

While the prospect of being able to power our technology without wires is quite exciting, there are some potential hurdles that Drayson's new technology could face.

Experts have questioned whether the radio frequencies borrowed from networks are actually "free."

However, Drayson appears to be confident that companies will allow him to use their networks without demanding a fee.


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