Woman Claims Reaction To Contraceptive Coil Is Making Her Look Permanently Pregnant

Woman Claims Reaction To Coil Is Making Her Look Permanently Pregnant

A mum who claims a rare reaction to a contraceptive has left her looking permanently pregnant is now being forced to wear maternity clothes on a daily basis.

For the past six months, Cassie Edwards, 27, has looked like she's carrying twins.

The dinner lady from High Wycombe took just five months to drop the baby weight and return to a size 10 after giving birth to her second child Tyler.

But after she decided to not have any more children and went to have a coil fitted, her stomach immediately began to balloon.

Cassie Edwards believes the coil has caused her stomach to grow

"Doctors haven't got a clue what's going on - my belly is growing and growing and I'm stuck in maternity clothes now," said Edwards.

"I told doctors it must be down to the coil, but they aren't sure. They keep needing to run further tests, but all the time my belly is growing.

"I have a full term bump and no baby, it's crazy."

Edwards, who is also mum to five-year-old Teyana, is now bursting out of size 14 clothes, and wears stretchy maternity-wear all the time to help support her expanding stomach.

She added: "People ask me when I'm due and my eldest daughter is confused by mummy's new bump.

"All my hard gym work has gone to pot and all I can do is cover myself with baggy clothes.

"I've prided myself on my body and always being healthy and now I look like a whale. I feel embarrassed and scared of the big baby-less bump."

Doctors, who have confirmed via ultrasound that she is not pregnant, are currently waiting to perform a colonoscopy to look into it further.

Cassie Edwards before her stomach started to swell

In the meantime, Cassie will have to put up with all the symptoms of pregnancy which include a sore back, aching joints, swollen breasts and feeling like she needs to urinate constantly.

She said: "My body thinks I'm pregnant again. It's so odd. I have a larger bump than I did when I was actually pregnant. If it gets any bigger, people will think its twins.

"It all happened after the coil was fitted, so I can only put it down to that.

"I can't go out the house without someone asking me when I'm due. I lost all my weight for nothing."


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