'Downton Abbey' Sees Two Favourites Say 'I Do' On Sunday Evening - Mr Carson, Mrs Hughes Get Hitched! (PICTURES)

There won't be a dry eye in the house this Sunday evening as, after what feels like fifty years of silent courting, Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes finally prepare to walk down the aisle.


This being 'Downton Abbey', these nuptials obviously won't be without their complications - Mrs Hughes insisting her "brown day dress" will do for the biggest day in her life being one of them.

Equally, this being Downton, such quandaries are soon solved however, with one little trip upstairs to refer to the bigger brains, benevolence and Cora's most patronising smile. Hey presto, and Mrs Hughes is transformed, as proved by these pictures of her happy day.

Mr Carson makes an honest woman of Mrs Hughes

This isn't the only thing going on, of course. Lady Edith continues to have troubles at her magazine, while the hospital fracas elevates and threatens to spoil lifelong friendships.

And, cross fingers, we'll get to see some more pigs.

There's also a big spoiler for another plotline in the show, set to finish for good at the end of this series. Reports are that a crew slip-up meant a member of the public discovered a piece of paper with a key storyline revealed. CLICK HERE if you're sure you want to know...

This series will definitely be the last of the drama, that has been a phenomenon on both sides of the Atlantic, with its creator Julian Fellowes already commissioned to pen another period drama - 'Doctor Thorne', starring Prince Harry's former squeeze Cressida Bonas and Ian McShane.

This happy day has been a long time coming...

But first, there are a few loose ends he has to tie up... these eight things we NEED to see happen before the end of the show.

'Downton Abbey' continues on ITV on Sunday 4 October at 9pm.

Mr Carson, Mrs Hughes Say 'I Do' In Downton Abbey Wedding

Downton Abbey: Carson Wedding

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