Driver Almost Loses His Life After GPS Gives Disastrous Directions To Train Tracks

An Australian driver has found out the hard way how a GPS can fail you at the worst of times.

The man ended up getting stuck on a railway line after taking a directed turn on to what he thought was a road.

According to ABC news, he was able jump out of the vehicle before a train, carrying 13 passengers, rammed into his car.

Thankfully, the disastrous mistake only lead to a wrecked vehicle.

Robert, a local resident told ABC news that this is not the first time a car has taken a wrong turn on to the tracks.

"His GPS has turned him left onto the railway lines. It looks a lot like a road at night," he said.

"It's happened before."

GPS fails are not uncommon and in some instances it has given way to a few spectacular stories.

Two years ago, three Japanese tourists ended up in the Pacific Ocean after they dutifully followed directions from their GPS.

We're not entirely sure how you mistake an ocean for a road but still it is worth nothing that this unfortunate incident also took place in Australia.

Directions from your GPS are not foolproof as satellites can't always accurately predict your exact location. Combine this with the fact that our maps tend to go out of date pretty quickly and you have a recipe for disaster.

That is not to say of course that common sense doesn't count for something.

In 2011, three women drove in to a lake in Seattle and blamed faulty GPS directions. One wonders how you accidentally mistake a lake for a road.

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