DOWNTON ABBEY: The 12 Best Lines From Episode 3, Including New Fears For Robert Crawley's Health

There's no wedding quite like a 'Downton Abbey' wedding, and Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes did us proud on their big day, even if the blushing bride did have to stamp her foot a few times in the week leading up to it.

Elsewhere, Mr Barrow discovered that some people made the Crawleys look positively progressive, while the ongoing fisticuffs over the local hospital threatened to ruffle even more feathers belonging to Isobel and the Dowager. With no compromise in sight, it's looking increasingly like parasols at dawn! And Tom Branson realised there's no place like home, especially if it means effortlessly upstaging a wedding with a spontaneous return.

Lady Mary and Lady Edith put aside their differences for the Carsons' special day

But never mind all that, do we need to start worrying about Robert Crawley's ticker? Here are this week's best lines...

"It's a long time since I've been on the brink of anything, except possibly the grave."

- Mrs Hughes was having trouble getting into the spirit of her own nuptials.

"I know what a catalogue is, thank you. Mrs Hughes."

- Well, then, there really is NO excuse for your friend's wedding dress, Mrs Patmore.

"Since they made her almoner, she's been unbearable."

- Julian Fellowes has been rooting around those archives again, giving us his best new word since the plot-steering 'entail' of Series 1.

Mr and Mrs Carson say 'I do', with the bride having the wedding she wanted, finally

"I know several couples who are perfectly happy. Haven't spoken in years."

- What are we going to do without the Countess Dowager and her bon mots?

"I'm off to London to calm my editor."

- Apparently Edith owns a magazine, just in case you didn't realise...

Can't I lend her a brooch or something?

In one fell swoop, Lady Mary makes her contribution to soothing the distress felt by the serving classes at the centuries of inequality symptomised by one woman's indignation at not having the funds for the wedding dress of her dreams...

Doesn't Carson deserve a wedding in this house, where he has served for so long?

- You can't accuse her of not trying, though!

"You've probably forgotten I own a magazine."

- If only...

"Just a bit of indigestion."

- Oh, hold on, that doesn't sound good, with only five episodes to go, and all this happiness around them. We shall be keeping a very close eye on Robert Crawley here on in...

"We've entertained not just the Connaughts, but the Fife princesses... both of them."

That told you, Mr Barrow, you... you... Republican.

After you put him up in the potting shed, did he get away safely?

- That twinkle in Denke's eye at knowing Spratt's secret loyalty to his ne'er-do-well relative, do we think that was just her customary smugness or something a little warmer, with all those church bells ringing so closely in their ears? It was a bit of a character U-turn for her not to dob him in, and smile while she was at it.

Did you drink at luncheon?

- As the Dowager proved, however, some people are not, ever, for turning.

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Mr Carson, Mrs Hughes Say 'I Do' In Downton Abbey Wedding

Downton Abbey: Carson Wedding

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