'Great British Bake Off' Star Mary Berry Watches Her Figure Because 'Viewers Don't Want To See A Large Person Judge Cakes'

Mary Berry has revealed that she deliberately tries to stay thin while presenting ‘Great British Bake Off’, because she wouldn’t want people to associate eating cake and biscuits with weight gain.


The TV chef made her comments in the Sunday Times’ food magazine, The Dish, insisting that as long as she’s on telly, she’s trying to keep off the pounds.

Mary Berry

However, Mary does say that she indulges every now and then, but insists that moderation is important, adding: “I think to eat cake is very good for us, but it's the size of the slice and how often you have it.”

Her comments come after her fellow judge, Paul Hollywood, admitted he’d sacrificed his trim figure for the world of baking, claiming that tasting treats for a living had led him to put on weight.

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry at the NTAs, back in January

As reported in the Express, he said that weight gain was inevitable given his choice of profession, saying: “You put on some pounds but then if it's a heavy day I don't have dinner. If it's a three-layer cake, then that can be a struggle!”

This year’s ‘Bake Off’ comes to a close this week, with just three bakers, Nadiya, Tamal and Ian, left in the competition.

Bookies have named Nadiya as the one to watch this year, with the aspiring baker recently speaking out about how accepting she feels viewers have been towards her.

“But I hope that week by week people have realised that I can bake - and just because I'm not a stereotypical British person, it doesn't mean that I am not into bunting, cake and tea.”

The ‘Great British Bake Off’ concludes on Wednesday (7 October) night, on BBC One.

Edd Kimber (winner, 2010)

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