Tech Company Punkt Unveils Dumbed Down Smartphone MP01 Mobile Phone, In A Bid To Reduce Stress

Smartphone notifications can take over our lives. They have the ability destroy "me time," a work-free night out with friends or a simple half-an-hour episode of a favourite TV programme.

Punkt, a technology company in Switzerland, aims to change all this with a new phone that takes us back to, dare we say it, the good old days.

The MP01 Mobile Phone is, according to the organisation,"a mobile phone for smart communicators."

By smart communication, they mean only being able to text and call.

While not being able to check, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter every minute of every day may cause some of us to panic Punkt argues their stripped down phone will actually demand less of your attention and time.

Throwback to a simpler time when Nokia phones used to let us play snake, text and make calls.

Punkt's mobile phone is similar in that it also has text and call features as well as a calendar, alarm clock, bluetooth and a range of ringtones.

The phone is available to preorder for $329 (£219).

While the phone is quintessentially old school, it holds a new promise: a smart device that will not take over your life.

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