'The Apprentice': Most Memorable (For All The Wrong Reasons) Quotes From Past Candidates

Most Memorable (And Ridiculous) 'Apprentice' Quotes EVER!
Alan Sugar
Alan Sugar
BBC/Boundless/Jim Marks

Just as night follows day, there are a certain things we can always rely on 'The Apprentice' for: fantastic aerial shots of London, Lord Alan Sugar pointing his pudgy fingers at some helpless sap, Claude Littner reducing a contestant to a shaking wreck with just one comment... and the candidates coming out with some of the most (delete as applicable) preposterous / priceless / hilarious / misinformed / genius / desperate / classic quotes you're ever likely to hear on telly.

Well, they wouldn't get away with uttering them down their local boozer, would they?

So in the run-up to a brand new series, here are some of our most memorable mutterings ever to be put forth by Lord Sugar's hopefuls - and you might spot a couple of this year's lot in there too. Plus, if we've missed your favourite, then share it with us - and everyone else - in the comments box below...


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