07/10/2015 09:25 BST | Updated 07/10/2015 14:59 BST

'Great British Bake Off': 14 Reasons Why Mary Berry Would Be The Best Grandma Ever

Because Mary Berry isn't all about soggy bottoms, you know...

1. She has that cheeky glint in her eye like all good Grandmas should have

</p><p>Mary Berry’s first cheeky wink of the season</p><p>

2. She'd always be up for some fun and games, even if it involved her getting on a spacehopper

3. She'd always be amazed by your achievements, even if they seem like nothing to you

4. She’d be the best supporter on the touchline at your football matches

5. She'd think that you had no idea about the fact she loves the odd tipple or two

6. But then she'd get tiddly off the mulled wine on Christmas Day and be a total sass-bot

7. Occasionally she'd say something so embarrassing, but would have no idea why you were laughing at her

8. Which would make you love her even more

9. But she would never take any shit from you

10. And would never be afraid to tell you like it is

11. But whatever life choices you'd make, she’d be your biggest cheerleader, no matter how silly they were

12. And she'd defend you from anyone who says otherwise

13. Because after all, she's a total badass


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