'The Apprentice' Returns To Screen On Wednesday, As We Seek Out The Candidates' Celebrity Lookalikes!

'The Apprentice' returns to screen this week, with a double-bill introducing each of Lord Sugar's eighteen would-be business partners, along with a brand new helper in Claude Littner.

All of which can only mean one thing... time to play The Apprentice Celebrity Lookey-Likey.

In time-honoured fashion and a tradition going back at least two years now, we've had a look at each of the candidates and, with forensic care and a magnifying class, have nailed their celebrity doppelganger. And we think you'll agree, in some instances it's downright uncanny.

So, with no more ado, here are this year's Apprentice Celebrity Lookalikes - can you improve on any?

Aisha Kasim

The Apprentice 2015: Celebrity Lookalikes

'The Apprentice' returns on Wednesday 14 October.

Leah Totton (Series 9, 2013)

'The Apprentice': Where Are They Now?

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