Donald Trump Gets Burned In This Hilarious Obama Diss Track Parody

This President Obama impersonator goes after Donald Trump in a hilariously, perfect diss track titled, "Back to Back."

Actor and impressionist, Iman Crosson who goes by the stage name Alphacat, impersonates Obama in his latest YouTube video which was inspired by Drake's response to the Internet beef he had with rapper Meek Mill in July. Alphacat is a popular social media personality known for his impressions of President Obama.

In the video, which has more than 235,000 views since it was posted on Saturday, Alphacat claps back at Trump's claim that Obama is worst president in history of the country by saying, "You'll make America better? I laugh so hard I'm crying. Mmmm... oh my God! Why you always lying?"

Alphacat, dressed in a black suit as Obama, schools Trump on what he's done in his "back to back" presidential terms while riding around on an Oxboard and backed by an entourage of secret service agents. At the end of video, there's a clip of Alphacat with the real Obama (around 2:55) and the president's reaction to the spot-on impression is priceless!

Trump has taken a dig at nearly every presidential candidate in both parties during his bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, and he's also thrown a few shots at the current president, too. Since Obama is too busy running the country to respond to Trump himself this awesome parody diss record definitely puts Trump in his place, and we are living for every moment of it.

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