President Obama Crashes Couple's Wedding, Makes Their Dreams Come True

President Obama Crashed This Couple's Wedding

A couple got the surprise of a lifetime after President Obama crashed their wedding.

Brian and Stephanie Tobe wed at The Lodge at Torrey Pines in San Diego over the weekend.

The golfing venue is well-known for attracting sports stars (think Tiger Woods), celebrities and political figures.

Brian and Stephanie were both shocked and delighted to discover that the President was playing a round of golf near to where their ceremony would take place.

Wedding photographers Erin and Jeff Youngren recounted the moment they realised Obama was on the golf course in a blog post.

"Brian and Stephanie were so excited that he was there," writes Erin.

"We laughed and joked all morning, and tried to get a peek of him through the curtains, feeling honoured just to be at the same location, not expecting anything more than that."

The couple waited in the hotel while the President finished the course. They were forced to stay indoors for security reasons.

After Obama had finished and was due to leave, Brian and Stephanie - who was wearing navy heels and a Monique Lhullier gown - burst from the hotel and raced towards the golf course hoping they'd catch the President.

And they did.

Stephanie, who describes herself as a "shy person", told ABC News she was crying as she ran out to meet the President.

"I couldn't believe it," she added. "You're just overwhelmed with emotion."

According to the couple, President Obama congratulated them on their happy day and told Brian not to tread on his wife's wedding dress.

Then they had photographs taken with him, which they'll no doubt treasure forever.