'The Apprentice' Episode 2: Teams Get Into A Lather When Tasked With Creating A Brand New Shampoo

Well, it's taken nearly two whole episodes of 'The Apprentice', and it's time for the clothes to come off - all in the name of winning the task.

It's fair enough. Lord Sugar challenges both teams - reverted to boys versus girls - to create and market a brand new shampoo, which obviously means a telegenic young man being directed to wash his hair, in his pants, for the cameras.


This swap back prompts some strange reactions from team members, including's Elle's below-the-belt remark that it's good that Brett is back with the boys "coz he's bald".

Girls project manager Aisha says, "I just want to say if anybody’s not productive in this team at the end of the day and we lose, they’ll be coming in the boardroom with me, I don’t care." That's them told

Once the candidates have sat through the requisite brainstorming sessions to decide on a name and target audience, they must design the packaging and produce a digital billboard along with a 30-second TV advert.

Mergim's makes a valuable contribution to his team at this stage, "My idea is sexiness."

The boys ponder on Mergim's big idea

When all these elements of the product are complete, they face the hair-raising task of pitching their shampoo to a leading panel of industry experts, specifically highlighting the the shampoo's unique cactus seed oil. The team who does best wins the task.

While Ruth steps up to star in the girls' ad, it is David who must act out exactly what he wants from his model in the boys' effort, with some bizarre results.

There are 17 candidates left, following Dan's swift departure in last night's debut episode. Surprisingly, despite the humiliation of being the first to leave the boardroom, the fragrance company manager told HuffPostUK he wasn't that upset, and why...

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