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Call Yourself A Box Set Fan? Test Your Knowledge Of Some of The Decade's Biggest Shows

Autumn is the perfect excuse for battening down the hatches and watching back-to-back TV shows. But binge-watching box sets isn’t all about sitting on the sofa in silence, staring at a screen – it’s about being part of the conversation.

Good quality TV is one of the great pillars of British banter – so if you want to hold your own at the proverbial office water-cooler, now’s the time to catch up on more of the shows that everyone is talking about with Sky Box Sets.

With Sky Box Sets you can watch every episode ever of Sky’s biggest shows available now. Choose from over 300 Box Sets including some of the decade’s best comedy and drama series, ready to enjoy from the very beginning.

With new seasons added every month, there is something for everyone – and always something new to fill that post-season-finale void.

Looking for some serious character drama? Delve into the complex world of New York’s biggest ad-man Don Draper with the ever-stylish ‘Mad Men’.

Prefer something dark and dangerous? Get under the skin of some of the world’s darkest and most dangerous criminals with gripping crime dramas ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘The Black List’.

Looking for that compelling on-screen dynamic? Check out ‘Bones’ to follow crime-solving super-duo forensic, anthropologist Temperance Brennan and FBI agent Seeley Booth, solve grisly and perplexing murders with their own inimitable charm and humour.

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