'The Apprentice' Episode 3 Finds Candidates Up To Their Ankles In Sh*t For Lord Sugar's Latest Task

Tempers flare during Episode 3 of 'The Apprentice' as candidates desperately scramble for bargains on both sides of the Channel.


Lord Sugar assembles the teams in the tunnels at Dover where the evacuation of Dunkirk was planned in 1940, presumably with more strategy and sense of unifying mission than anything on show here.

The look on Elle's face is worth watching for alone

It's a bunfight of an episode, as the girls rely on their battering eyelashes to work their magic on unsuspecting cheesemongers, and the boys rely on Sam's A-Level French to secure them their best deals. Both prove misguided. And while Joseph is wearing his Project Manager badge, it seems Richard didn't get the memo…

Meanwhile, back in Kent, manure is on the menu and, while Brett's Navy training once again serves him well, Elle finds herself in the right yard, but with the wrong shoes.

Joseph is the boss, but the pressure threatens to get to him as he struggles with the language

And then one team properly falls out, and it's fair to say, whatever didn't make it onto Elle's Manalos is now properly hitting the fan…

'The Apprentice' is on BBC1 on Wednesday evening at 9pm.

Aisha Kasim

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