Back To The Future Day: Here's Why Our Future Is Better Than Hollywood's

Back To The Future Day is a chance to step back, look at our lives and work out if for once, the world of Hollywood has accurately predicted what it believed at the time was the future.

In full recognition of their vision they actually got a LOT right, and as you'll see, in fact there's plenty that Marty McFly has that we really want in our reality (a real hoverboard, it CAN'T be that hard).

Look deeper though, at the real innovations we've seen in the last five years and actually, we're not doing too bad, in fact some might argue that our reality is in fact better than the one with self-lacing trainers, not least because self-tying trainers are actually on their way anyway.

Here are seven reasons why our future is better than Back To The Future:

1. We Can Make Power Out Of THIN AIR

Seven Reasons Why Our Future Is Better Than Back To The Future

Dave McFly

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