Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho Accused Of 'Pushing' Schoolboy As New Video Footage Emerges

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has made headlines again this time for appearing to 'push' a teenage fan who was filming him on his phone.

Fourteen-year-old Chelsea fan Otto Nahmmacher spotted his “hero” and decided to film him with his mobile as they walked along a street in Knightsbridge, south west London.

But the embattled Blues boss seemed to take a disliking to the intrusion and apparently 'shoved' the boy from behind.

Otto's dad Hans Nahmmacher, 51, says he was “shocked” and “appalled” when Otto returned to their home in Streatham to show him the footage, he said: “I couldn’t believe it when my son showed me the video on his phone. At first I was star struck just to see him, but then you see him get angry and raise his hand."

“There’s a commotion and you hear a thumping noise. I think it’s completely out of order that he goes for a kid and especially as it's from behind. It's completely unacceptable.

“They say never meet your idols and this is a real example of that. My son was thrilled when Mourinho came back to Chelsea and like most fans he was chuffed when he spotted him.”

Hans, a decorator and lifelong Chelsea supporter, said: “Perhaps Mourinho was receiving bad news on the phone? It’s still no excuse. My son was quite shaken up and disappointed. It’s no way to treat anyone, especially a kid who’s also a fan.”

“A few weeks ago he attacked the Chelsea doctor on the pitch, I think he’s losing the plot.”

The 11-second clip was filmed on Sunday the day after they beat Aston Villa 2-0. Yesterday's draw against Dynamo Kiev stirred the blues boss emotions yet again, due to Cesc Fabregas being denied a penalty, he labelled the referee "weak" and "naive".

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