Uber Launches uberASSIST Service For The Disabled In London

Uber has announced that it will be bringing its specialised service for disabled passengers uberASSIST to London.

The service allows those with a disability to call on over 100 specially trained drivers to provide them with a service that can provide more tailored assistance for the blind, those with wheelchairs or scooters.

Every driver that signs up to the scheme has had to complete a disability equality course with disability with Transport For All and Inclusion London.

To use the service, a passenger simply goes to the promotion screen and then enter the code ASSISTUK. They'll then be given the option to request an uberASSIST car over the normal cars that are currently available.

Speaking to the Times Uber calls the new feature "an important step towards making our platform even more accessible for all of London’s riders".

It went on to argue that many of London's disabled passengers were currently being overcharged for simply wanted a service that could cater towards them, as a response to this uberASSIST will cost the same as a regular UberX journey.

It's important to note that as a requirement, all black cabs in London should be wheelchair-friendly, while an Uber driver's current car of choice the Prius cannot take a non-folding wheelchair.

Uber responded to the Times saying: “We’ve been working to develop uberASSIST for a number of months and have heard from our charitable partners, Transport for All and Inclusion London, about the difficulties disabled people and people with access needs often face in accessing transport in London."

The service is now available to use via the Uber app.

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