Revealed: What Guys Really Think When Women Ask Them To Wear A Condom

What Guys Think When Women Ask Them To Wear A Condom

An eye-opening video shows exactly what guys think about women who insist on using condoms. And, contrary to popular belief, they don't have a bad word to say.

In the clip from Durex,women are given the opportunity to listen in on a group of guys discussing sex.

The guys are asked: "How do you feel about a girl who suggests using a condom?"

One man replies: "I think it shows confidence, for me it's attractive."

While another adds: "She knows she's got a condom, she keeps herself protected which makes me feel like 'yeah, she's good, she's independent'."

The overall consensus among the male group is that women who use condoms are more independent and trusting.

But despite this interesting result, there's still a widespread culture of "invincibility" among the nation's 16-24 year olds when it comes to sex.

A survey by Durex shows that many young people shy away from safe sex because they believe unplanned pregnancy and STIs simply "won't happen to them".

The study revealed that 40% of 16-24s have had sex with more than one person without a condom, meanwhile 61% said they don’t think about condoms until they actually need one.

A staggering 86% of those surveyed said that STIs (not including HIV and AIDs) weren't their main concern. While less than a quarter said that their biggest concern about unprotected sex is that it could land them with an unwanted pregnancy.

Shockingly, nearly half (48%) believe contracting HIV or AIDs is not something that could happen in their friendship group.

To help build confidence among young people, Durex has launched an online hub providing practical, honest advice about sex and relationships.

Mark Pearson from Durex said: "Naturally safe sex should be both partners’ responsibility, but what we learned from lots of young men during the research is that girls are very much the gatekeepers – what they say goes.

"Young women told us that while they knew that they should insist on a condom every time, the reality is often when the moment comes, a condom isn’t used for any number of reasons.

"One common reason we heard was that they worried that if they insisted on a condom they’d kill the mood or put the guy off.

"This fear of rejection or killing the mood is a key barrier for many young women but we found out that this most often isn’t the case at all. In fact the opposite is true."


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