Midwife's Tips And Advice On When You Should You Go To Hospital During Labour

When you're pregnant with your first child, labour is unchartered territory.

Knowing what point you should go to hospital will also be a bit of a minefield, but midwife Tracey Owen advises the longer you ignore contractions and wait, the better.

"Midwives are there 24/7 to answer anyone's questions, so don't be afraid to give them a ring," she said.

But knowing when you're experiencing your first contraction might also be hard to pinpoint.

"If you're sitting at home talking all the way through, it's not a contraction, but if you can't think about anything else and want to bite the worktops, it's probably a contraction," she added.

To avoid heading to hospital and then having to be sent home, here are some of Owen's tips on when you should go.

1) If your waters have broken

2) If you have any bleeding

3) If your baby is experiencing fewer movements

4) If you are having regular contractions - one every five minutes lasting a minimum of 60 seconds each

Find out the best ways to ignore contractions and what happens if you're having your second child by watching the video above.

"Either way, always leaved your pack hospital bag by your front door when you're full-term to be able to make a quick exit," Owen added.

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