Furious Man Caught Swearing And Shouting At Teens Who Went Into His Garden To Retrieve Ball

Furious Man Caught Shouting At Teens Who Tried To Retrieve Ball From His Garden

A man has been filmed shouting and swearing at a group of young teens, because they kicked a ball into his garden.

The guy became irate after a group of boys were playing in, what is believed to be, Stoneham Park in Hove.

Their ball ended up in his garden, which backs up onto the park, and one of the teens went into the garden to try and retrieve it. However the man spotted him doing it.

In the video, the man is overheard talking to one of the teens. He says: "What part of a private property don't you understand?"

Before long, things have escalated and the man is pointing at the teenager and shouting in his face: "I don't care. No. You don't fucking climb in my garden."

The teen tells the angered man to stop shouting or else he will call the police.

"Don't play the innocent with me," says the man, standing with his hands on his hips. "I'll call the police. You'll get me arrested for shouting. I'll get you arrested for burglary."

The teenager, who is under 16, then tells the man that he is threatening him. The man then proceeds to tell them that they're "over the age of criminal responsibility".

"You can go to the youth court if you want, and you can answer to a charge of burglary," he says.

One of the teens, who is filming the scene, then asks the man to "calm down" because he's putting his friend "under pressure". There are also other younger children playing on the football pitch.

But it makes the guy even more angry. "I will put him under pressure," he shouts. "I'll put you all under fucking pressure."

The argument lasts for roughly four minutes. The guy shouts at the teens some more and then tells them: "You do not trespass in my garden. End of."

One of the kids doesn't help the situation by shouting: "You were threatening to kill little kids you cunt!" But the man appears to ignore the comment and walks away.

Eventually, he goes back to his house.

The argument has been viewed more than 50,000 times on YouTube and the internet is currently divided over who is in the right.

One person wrote in the comments section: "DUDE u guys are totally in the wrong, it is genuinely a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to go onto someone's property without their consent; it doesn't matter if your football was there or you knocked.

"Sure, the guy probably shouldn't have swore and got mad at you (cause shouting achieves nothing) but he had every right to do so."

Another wrote: "Two parties badly handling a run of the mill situation. Classic."

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