Pictures Of The Week: These Are The Best Images From Around The World

The Week's Most Powerful Pictures From Around The World

Pictures of the week brings you the best images over the past seven days from around the world, chosen by our very own photo editors, Elliot Wagland and Tahira Mirza.

This week in pictures brought you photo by photo coverage of the President of China's state visit, where he dined with the Queen, drank with the Duchess of Cambridge and then when for a pint, then fish and chips with David Cameron in his local.

A giant Mosasaur appeared on the South Bank, Beyonce got shirty with assistant and went viral and George Osborne donned a pair of 3-D and got compared to a Bond villain.

And the 1980's classic film 'Back to the Future' where it sees characters Marty and Doc Brown travel into year 2015 were brought back to celebrate 'Back to the Future' day on 'Jimmy Kimmel' Live.

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