25/10/2015 07:07 GMT | Updated 25/10/2015 07:59 GMT

‘Emmerdale' Spoiler: Ross Barton And Nikhil Sharma Clash As Businessman Returns (PICS)

‘Emmerdale’ is set to air Nikhil Sharma’s return in the coming weeks, however things don’t exactly go smoothly for the businessman, and he clashes with Ross Barton moments after arriving.

The altercation begins when Debbie Dingle attempts to say sorry to Nikhil for her part in Gennie’s death, however he doesn’t exactly respond well to her apology.

nikhil return

Oh, Ross...

When Michael Parr’s character hears Nikhil’s insults, he intervenes and punches him in the face which is... um, an unorthodox approach.

Last week, Ross was unveiled as the person who shot Robert Sugden, and the news was delivered to viewers in a flashback episode.

nikhil ross barton

How will Debbie react to Ross's intervention?

In the surprising scenes, Ross made a deal with Andy Sugden, who agreed to gun down Pete Barton in return for Ross shooting Robert.

That wasn’t the only shock twist though, as the flashback episode also revealed two other unexpected storylines.

Paddy Kirk’s infidelity left fans on Twitter stunned, and Ashley Thomas’s early onset dementia diagnosis has got the ball rolling for the much-loved character’s exit.

Watch ‘Emmerdale’ on Tuesday 3 November to see the events unfold.

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