27/10/2015 06:47 GMT | Updated 27/10/2015 07:33 GMT

Dan Osborne And Jacqueline Jossa Laugh Off Cheating Claims, As Two Women Say Former 'TOWIE' Star Invited Them Back To His Hotel

Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa have laughed off claims the former ‘TOWIE’ star invited two girls back to his hotel room following a recent club appearance.


The couple were hit by fresh cheating claims at the weekend when two friends sold a story to the Sunday People, and claimed that Dan had asked them back at his hotel, after he inviting them to join him in the VIP area at Gallery club in Maidstone, Kent earlier in the evening.

dan osborne jacqueline jossa

Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa

Dan has now taken to Twitter to vehemently deny the reports, hitting out at the women, Sharn Alford and Candace Evans.

He tweeted: “Seen that all the other online ‘news’ and mags have wrote about these ‘cheating allegations’ I think it's actually comedy

“I didn't stay in a hotel I was in bed with my fiancée that night. These 2 girls have embarrassed themselves, I hate to be horrible but.. Even if I had no relationship, no kids, no life, no friends, no home, no money and no eye sight.. I still wouldn't go to a hotel with them.”

Jacqueline also stuck up for her fiance, with whom she shares eight-month-old daughter Ella, writing: “To be fair, if this was true, which it's not as he came home to me, dear god, I would feel more sorry for him than me! #lookers.”

Sharn previously told the Sunday People that she and Candace left the club hand-in-hand with Dan.

“He was holding our hands. He asked us to go back to his hotel room,” she claimed.

“He just said it to me and my mate – it wasn’t like we were being invited back to a big party. We knew he had a girlfriend, we said that to him, but he didn’t seem bothered.”

A spokesperson for Dan also insisted the girls’ claims were rubbish, saying: “Dan has said there is no truth in this whatsoever.

“Also, he wasn’t staying overnight at a hotel and he returned home after leaving the club.”

However, it is not the first time Dan has been accused of cheating on ‘EastEnders’ star Jacqueline.

His ex-girlfriend Megan Tomlin, who he shares one-year-old son Teddy with, claimed that she was still sleeping with Dan when he first started seeing the Lauren Branning actress - something which he has denied.

She made the claims after a newspaper published recordings of Dan threatening to “stab” her, during a blazing row.

He later apologised, stating he was “disgusted” with his behaviour, insisting he would never hurt a woman.

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