'James Bond': Danny Dyer Just Proved Why He Should Replace Daniel Craig As The Next 007

Danny Dyer Just Proved Why He Should Be The Next Bond

If you’d ever wondered what it would be like if Danny Dyer was the next James Bond, then wonder no more.

The ‘EastEnders’ actor has shown us all the unique qualities (and vocabulary) he would bring to the role of 007, if he were ever to land the part.

Danny Dyer and Daniel Craig

In a series of videos posted on Twitter, Danny dubbed his voice over scenes from various Bond films, and the result makes us wish Daniel Craig would hand in his notice immediately.

Here’s a few things that would happen if the eastend bad boy took over as MI6’s golden boy…

Bond’s drink of choice would no longer be a Martini, and it certainly wouldn’t be shaken or stirred.

And 007 wouldn’t always have full control of his bowels.

Especially when he saw a spider.

But he would still “have a roll about” with the ladies, and would even wash his bits before hand “out of respect”.

Or, if producers didn’t think he was *quite* suitable for the role, he’d be the perfect Bond villain.


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