'The Apprentice' Fired Candidate Ruth Whiteley Says Warring Candidates Have Blown Their Chances With Lord Sugar

FIRED APPRENTICE: 'Warring Candidates Have Blown Their Chances'

Neither of the ladies involved in the bust-up behind the scenes of this year’s ‘Apprentice’ have done themselves any favours when it comes to winning Lord Sugar’s patronage, claims this week’s fired candidate Ruth Whiteley.

There’s been trouble outside the boardroom this week, with Selina receiving an official warning following a bust-up with Charleine, and Ruth is convinced Lord Sugar won’t be picking a winner from anyone who’s got themselves into trouble.

“It won’t be anyone who’s been involved in any nastiness,” says Ruth. "I hope Lord Sugar doesn’t make an investment in silliness. He’s too shrewd. The winner will be someone who’s kept their head down, stayed on track, because the rest is bullsh*t."

Ruth wasn't about to fight her corner in the boardroom against teammates Selina and Scott

This year’s series of ‘The Apprentice’ just got a little less colourful with the departure of Ruth, a lady who doesn’t think she deserved to be fired by Lord Sugar in this week’s episode.

Ruth, who prides herself on her sales patter but somehow failed to shift any pet products despite a hard day of the hard sell, tells HuffPostUK, “The weak parties were Gary and Selina. Scott’s management skills were also lacking. I was surprised and gutted to go.”

"Even Wayne Rooney doesn't score some days"

Of her own poor performance on the day, which Claude Littner observed, with an ever-rising eyebrow, Ruth says now, “I just couldn’t create the magic. Even Rooney doesn’t score some days.”

For Ruth, the priority has been trying to secure investment for her business plan, something she says has been boosted by her public profile, despite her early departure.

“I had a very public bad day at the office,” she says now of her exit. “But it’s made me keener to succeed. I’ve learnt that you’re never too old to try new things, and this has been a big kick up the backside for me. I’m more determined than ever."

Ruth is also bemused by the huge storm of reaction on social media to her debut, when she cut a dash in a technicolour wool suit.

“I’ve always used colour, in business and personally, to stand out,” she explains now. “I think wearing color makes people raise their game.

“To me, it was just normal. I thought everyone else just looked boring."

Bravo Ruth - this year’s Apprentice will be quieter and less colourful without you!

'The Apprentice' continues on Wednesday evenings at 9pm on BBC One. Who do YOU think is looking on track to be crowned this year's successful Apprentice?

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