Ex-Girlfriend's Stinging Response To Guy Who Said He'd Never Go Down On A Girl: 'You're Doing It Wrong'

The ex-girlfriend of William Lloyd, who achieved viral fame by writing about why he'd never go down on a girl again, has issued a powerful response, calling him out for lying and offering words of advice for how to pleasure women.

Lloyd declared in a piece for student newspaper The Tab that he'd been put off going down on a girl because the first (and last) person he'd ever done that with had ejaculated in his face.

Or as he crudely put it: "A hot, sticky, wet jet of piss."

Now in an exclusive blog post published on HuffPost UK, Lloyd's ex-girlfriend Rhianna Kemi, 21, has set things straight.

Kemi says that it made her heart sink to read Lloyd's piece, which claimed that after finally finding that special someone he "never went down on her".

Why? Because this simply isn't true, she explains.

"I can safely confirm that he went down on me several times during our relationship. In fact, he would ask to go down and I would often politely decline," she writes.

"Why did I say no? Because, to be honest, it just didn’t feel that good."

Kemi goes on to describe how she thought it was her fault that she didn't feel pleasure from oral sex.

"It’s taken many conversations with friends to realise that this is a common experience," she writes.

"It isn’t our fault. Going down on a woman is difficult. It is an art, my friends."

The 21-year-old says there was a tension in her relationship with Lloyd because she simply didn't enjoy it when he went downstairs, and he couldn't understand why.

"The problem was that I felt too aware of myself and my surroundings," she explains. "I felt too aware of the head at my hips.

"You can’t just place your tongue ‘down there’ and expect magic to happen, as films and porn have led us to believe.

"A lot of it is in the mind. To use your tongue to make a girl scream, you’ve got to make her forget herself. It’s gotta go pitch black in her thoughts, it’s gotta be warm and hard and complemented with your running fingers soft against her thigh, her lips.

"She needs to forget that you are even down there, because she is in her own world and it’s great. We can be self-conscious - does it smell? should I shave? - but in that moment, she won’t care. She’ll grab your hair, she’ll squeeze you, she’ll cry out. You’ll love it."

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Sex Tips For Overly Busy People

Kemi offers some genuine words of advice for her ex and for other guys and girls who want to pleasure their partners.

"We’re all about the quick wins in this generation, but you’ve got to take it slow," she explains.

"You’ve got to talk about it and learn from each other. You’ve got to warm her right up, before heading downstairs.

"When I hear guys say that they 'don’t go down on girls', all I hear is fear.

"The real reason you don’t want to go down anymore isn’t because you made a girl come and it was unpleasant. It’s because you are scared of the awkward silence of the girl who isn’t enjoying it. That’s okay, but give us a break.

"Put the effort in and give us our time to enjoy ourselves. If licking out is gross for you, you are doing it wrong."