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Chilcot Inquiry Publication Date Prompts The Internet To Offer A Helpfu Guide

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
File photo dated 04/01/04 of Tony Blair addressing British troops on a visit to Basra, Iraq, as the long-awaited report into the Iraq war should finally be ready for publication by July next year, Sir John Chilcot has said.

HURRAH! The date has been set for the release of the Chilcot Inquiry.

It's going to be out in the June 2016.

Or July 2016.

Probably. Fortunately Sir John Chilcot has an excuse.

And the printing of it wasn't much better.

There were problems with the office set up.

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9 Things That Didn't Exist When The Chilcot Inquiry Began

Let's hope he's got it right.

As a little refresher, here's some facts about the investigation into the Iraq War which began way back in 2009.

We might not be around when it actually comes out.

It's really, really long.

Full of hidden messages.

It will DEFINITELY tell the whole story.

Space travel is quicker.

As is this popular hiking and much-frequented hiking route.

Did we mention it's very long?

Which would take quite a lot of beach-time to get through.

In the interest of fairness this is Chilcot's defence.

He said: "I entirely understand that a checking process is necessary and is normal procedure in inquiries which have considered a large volume of sensitive material.

"I remain committed to producing a report that will meet the very wide ranging terms of reference we were given and reflect the considerable investment of time and effort by all involved."

By the time it is published, the report will have been seven years in the making, having been commissioned by Gordon Brown in 2009.

The posturing around the publication has already started, most noticeably with